Forging Ahead
Since 1985

“Winner: Best Shod Horse Award”
Draft Horse Classic, California
Best Shod Horse Award belt buckel

American Farriers Association (AFA)
Certified Journeyman
American Farriers Association certified Journeyman

A farrier’s goal is simple—to have your horse walk away better than how it walked in.

David Edens of Edens Forge was just a boy when he took up the trade. He began farriery with the aim of improving horse soundness and movement, and many a champion later he continues to work in Weatherford, Texas, doing just that.

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A good farrier improves your horse’s performance.
A great one improves its life.

"David has shod my horses for over 10 years!! He has always kept my horses shod perfectly and ready for competition, whether it’s corrective shoeing or the most basic shoeing job, David is the best in the business!!!"

Matt Miller

More Testimonials

"When I moved to Paradise in 2003, David Edens was recommended to me by the farrier I used then and by a friend whose horses he worked on. That was 12 years ago; he has been shoeing my warmblood dressage horses ever since. David is definitely the most knowledgeable farrier I have had the pleasure of working with. In that time, I cannot think of one bad shoeing job. He schedules you for the next visit when he is there, and he works around your showing schedule. He is quiet and patient with the horses and I have never seen him get angry or slap a horse. He is very well respected among his follow farriers. In short, I recommend David whole-heartedly."

Jackie Nixon-Fulton, MD
Wild Oaks Ranch, LLC
USDF bronze, silver, & gold medalist